The Wildewood Community Association (WCA) Recreational Facilities Membership provides Wildewood residents with access to the pool, tennis courts and Lodge (some non-WCA neighborhoods have access to only the pool as access to the lodge and tennis courts are not included for Non-WCA residents). In order to use the Recreational Facilities, you must register your membership and obtain ID cards. Each member must present their WCA ID card upon entry to the facilities. Please allow 5 business day for processing. This is a private community and NOT open to the public.


To see if you are Automatic/Elective/Non-WCA, click on the following:

List of Automatic & Elective Neighborhoods

List of Non-WCA Neighborhoods

  • New Memberships AND Military Housing: Fully complete the application HERE 
  • AUTOMATIC Neighborhoods: after you have initially registered your membership, it will renew automatically each year as long as your HOA dues are current. You do not have to submit a renewal form.
  • RENEWALS for Elective ($400) and Non-WCA ($640) : If you already have ID cards and need to renew for the current year, click HERE.
  • RENTERS/TENANTS: Owner/Landlord to fully complete the application HERE 
  • REPLACEMENT CARDS: Click HERE  if you have lost your ID card and need to request a reprint.  Reprints are $10.
  • ADDING OR REMOVING NAMES FROM YOUR EXISTING ACCOUNT:  If you have had an addition to your family or need to remove someone that no longer lives with you, click HERE. Proof of residency is required for adults 21+.
  • CAREGIVER/NANNY: If you have a nanny or caregiver that will be accompanying your child(children) to the pool you will need to complete THIS form. You may list one primary caregiver/nanny/babysitter (unless the caregiver is through an agency where the caregiver may vary).
  • GUEST POOL TICKETS:  Each registered household gets 5 free guest tickets each year and are only valid for the year issued. You may pickup your 5 free guest tickets at the lodge office (next to the pool) during normal business hours. Guest tickets are one-time use only and do not carry over year to year. After you have used all your guest tickets, there is a guest fee of $5 per guest paid at the pool. Guests MUST be accompanied by a WCA pool member and cannot be left unattended.


AFTER you submit your application, you will be prompted with payment options. IF you missed that link and still want to pay online, you can click HERE.


Recreational Rules and Policies