Automatic & Elective HOAs

Below is a list of all automatic & elective HOAs/neighborhoods in Wildewood that are members of the WCA. They are all eligible to enroll in the Recreational Facilities Membership.

Automatic neighborhoods-Recreational Membership is included in HOA dues. Access cards renew automatically with the payment of HOA dues. For ID/access cards, click here.

Residents in Elective neighborhoods -Recreational Membership is optional and may be added annually. Payment is $400. New residents OR renewing, complete the “Membership Application” here.


Challenger Estates (Lincoln Military Housing – automatic)

Dahlia Park (automatic)

Evergreen Park (automatic)

Leyland Park (automatic)

Magnolia Park (automatic)

Misty Pond (elective)

Orchid Park (automatic)

Pepper Ridge (elective)

Primrose Park (automatic)

Red Cedar (elective)

Residences of Wildewood (elective)

Scotch Pine (elective)

Sycamore Hollow (elective)

Wildewood Landing (automatic)

Willow Creek (elective)

Woodland Park (automatic)