Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q: Do I have to live in Wildewood or be a member to go to the pool?

A: Yes, you must be a resident AND be enrolled in a membership in one of the WCA Automatic or Elective neighborhoods or one of the Non-WCA Pool Only Neighborhoods. You can see a complete list of these neighborhoods on the Membership Information page by clicking here. You can also contact the WCA office with your inquiry.

Q: Do you have to live in Wildewood or be a member to rent the Lodge?

A: Yes, only WCA members may rent the Lodge. WCA members that are also Recreational Facilities Members get one discounted rental every year at $25 for 6 hours. You can find more information by clicking here or calling the WCA office.

Q: I am a renter. Can I still use the amenities and receive access cards?

A: Yes, you need to contact the homeowner and have them complete the Tenant Authorization form. Once the homeowner has signed over the use of the amenities to you, you can set up an appointment at the Lodge for you and your family to receive your access cards. You will need to bring proof of residency (the lease) and an ID to the appointment.

Q: What are the HOA dues?

A: Each sub-association in the WCA has its own assessment of dues. You will need to reach out to the individual HOA for specific information. You can call the WCA office to receive the contact information.

Q: When will the pool open for the season?

A: The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend (May) thru Labor Day (September).

Q: Why do the homeowners have to decide to turn over the rights to use the Recreational Facilities Amenities to their tenants OR keep those rights for themselves?

A: The HOA dues do not support amenities for two separate households. The homeowner owns their rights to the amenities unless they are signed over to the tenants.