WCA Lodge

The WCA Lodge is available to rent/use for Wildewood Residents and is only accessible by using your WCA ID card. It is the perfect place for a family gathering, baby/bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, reception, graduation, birthday or office party.

WCA registered Members are able to access the Lodge for groups, meetings, family time, use the library, etc. 8am-9pm any day of the week as long as there is not a private party in progress or if the building is closed for cleaning service. 


For Group Leader use, scroll to the bottom of the page.



Rental Fee (discounted): $25*

       Full Fee : $250 

WCA member discounted price for the 1st rental of each year (Current rec fees must be paid. Full price details below.)

Full Rental Fee of $250 applies to additional rentals (members 1st rental of each year is the discount price above) in the same year as well as the rental fee for Non-WCA members. Elective members that have not paid their annual Recreational fees will also pay full price.

Cleaning Fee: $75 Trash not included- member must take out all trash (See full policy for non-compliance fee $50)
Security Deposit: $400 Deposit check is shredded after event if there are no damages


Please read the full rental policy HERE.

PLEASE CHECK THE CALENDAR HERE FIRST to make sure the date you are requesting is available. We DO NOT book multiple parties in one day or allow rentals on the same day as our music nights.

To rent the Lodge, please complete the Rental Application below. Availability changes daily. We must have your rental application and payment in order to confirm the reservation.   Payment is 2 checks: 1 check for the rental+cleaning fee and 1 check for the security deposit, payable to WCA.  Payment MUST come from the Wildewood resident renting the facility with the name on the rental application matching the name on the check (we cannot accept 3rd party or a business name). To access the building, you need to bring your WCA ID card. WCA member renting the facility must be present for the duration of the event.


Also, if you would like to add something special to your private event, here’s a great idea The Yard Card Genie



The Lodge is also available to use for regular group meetings, such as scouts, book clubs, work meetings, etc. Group leaders must be current WCA members and must be present at every group gathering. WCA members are responsible for the actions of their groups. Contact the WCA office to determine if your event can be a “group leader use” free of charge (certain conditions apply).

To submit your request as a group leader, click here.

WCA Recreational Facility General Rules